October 09, 2017

 Cerm was omnipresent at LE 2017. Here is an impression from @_ThomasClaeys. Put on the music ! #automationarena

June 12, 2017
Many of the CERM customers visited Conti-Label in Belgium as a CERM reference-site during their quest for an MIS system. Most of them were impressed!
This movie shows the role of the CERM MIS in all of Conti-Label’s daily activities, from customer to invoicing, over pre-press, printing, finishing and warehouse-management... You will get answers, instead of just getting questions !
December 13, 2016
A reduction of almost 30 % of paper waste and a 20 % overall cost reduction.

In this movie, 5Sept testifies about the optimization project and the spectacular results in the digital production of self-adhesive labels by interfacing  the CERM MIS to the Xeikon press. 

June 07, 2016
In showing how labels are produced, CERM functions play an important role .
In this movie, the print section of Springfield Solution explains to its customers how Springfield Paint labels are produced. The CERM software supports this production from start to finish. You can see screenshots, documents and barcode scanning from the CERM software.