Herma – Conti Label uses EDI connection service

March 06, 2018

BELGIUM • Label printer Conti-Label uses the EDI connection provided by Herma’s Self-adhesive Materials Division for direct, automated data exchange. By means of the ERP software Cerm, self-adhesive material orders are completely handled via EDI-processable messages for the first time.

The both companies call it a new chapter in the automated dispatching of self-adhesive materials. By means of the ERP software Cerm, all steps that are part of an order are handled via EDI-processable messages for the first time: order placement, order confirmation, delivery note, and invoice.

Through a special interface, the ERP software allows Conti-Label to directly communicate with the Herma ordering system. The Belgian label printer has been using Cerm and the EDI connection for several years with various suppliers. In the case of Herma, it is now also used to import invoices into the system for the first time.
“Getting from an online order to delivery at the click of a mouse – that is the goal of the label printing industry.” Comments Peter Dhondt, director of business development and sales at Cerm.
At Conti-Labels, orders are automatically dispatched and confirmed. Shipping details including roll IDs and exact amounts are sent directly to Conti-Label’s ERP system. The invoice is also received automatically: the Herma server sends it via a standardized EDI message. After receiving the invoice message, the import of purchase invoices is started automatically in the background. According to the company, due to precise real-time information, Conti-Label registers increased efficiency throughout the company. Integration with other common IT systems is currently being planned.