Upcoming event: TLMI Technical Conference in Chicago

February 25, 2013

Cerm will be taking part in the panel discussion during Thursday's "Business Software: Adding Capacity without Adding Equipment" session at 8 a.m..

Cerm to attend TLMI Tech 2013 in Chicago from 3 until 5 September!

Under the slogan 'Turning Vision into Reality', TLMI will be organising a number of sessions with suppliers and end-users. On Thursday, 5 September, Cerm will have a seat on the “Business Software: Adding Capacity without Adding Equipment” session panel.

It is becoming increasingly clear that Business software is the one investment that can boost your company’s capacity without the need for either extra equipment or staff. During the session, a number of companies, who, thanks to an enhanced planning tool, the more judicious use of material and line management, have managed to boost their productivity with their existing equipment, will be given the floor. This session will also focus on a number of best practices for companies who have already made the switch to business management software. But also companies who have not yet gone down this route will come away from this session with a series of tools to help them calculate a realistic ROI.

Aside from the daily sessions, we can also recommend the Table Top, where Cerm will be demonstrating its Business Management and Automation Software.

Keen to find out more or to make an appointment? Then contact Peter Dhondt, Head of Global Business Development by e-mail or by phone on +32 50 83 38 83.