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Cerm is a solution provider in Business Management and Automation Solutions for the narrow web printing industry.
Cerm offers a complete solution for this nichemarket. One concept including estimating, job processing, products catalogue, shipping and invoicing, works schedule, raw material management, job costing and shop floor data collection.

Cerm consists of 8 main modules – each one of these modules handles a different step of the entire integrated workflow for the labelprinter. Click on each one of the modules and start learning why this software could be suited for you.

Web4Labels - Web2Print and more!

The all-in-one digital storefront for online quoting and managing your assets online. Web4Labels enables your sales department to give an immediate answer to your customers by making quotations on the road. The same for your customers : immediate request, immediate price. Ease of use ordering : references, quantities, shipping address, repeat or new orders. With possibility to upload artwork.

online quoting • create and manage your assets online storefront • online approval • online ordering • tracking assets and orderinformation


One estimating tool for the labelprinter. A user-friendly wizard guides you through a minimum of required fields to calculate your price, and helps you calculating crossover points between presses, conventional and/or digital, while consulting tools and substrates you have in stock. The package helps you monitoring the added value per press hour to determine your sales price. Send out the quotation directly via email or publish your quotation on the Web.

calculate cross-over points between digital and conventional • search for tooling, foils and stock • automatic generated offer letters, send by email through cerm • intuitive and easy user interface • online quoting through W4L

Product catalogue and sales orders

Salesorders entry based on administratrive data stored in your products catalogue. Your salesorders contain product-id, quantity, price, shipping and deliveryaddress. Salesorders can be entered manually, through our digital storefront Web4Labels or you can import your customers’ PO or forecasts to avoid keying them in. Out of your salesorders, you will pick finished goods from stock, place your orders at your suppliers or produce the products yourself.

vizualised product images • link with your prepress department for 1-up approval cycle • manage the approval cycle of each individual product • manage easy and complex salesorders with multiple shipping dates and addresses and invoice details

Job Management

Production jobs based on technical data stored in your products catalogue. Cerm generates your set of production jobs from the salesorders that you have received. Job creation is automated based on previously specified technical and commercial information. The Autoplan feature allows you to gang similar labels or labels with different shapes on 1 platelayout. This data can be send to Esko Automation Engine for automated step and repeat.

manage new jobs and reruns for single or multiple product jobs • gang similar labels or labels with different shapes on 1 platelayout • detailed jobtickets and productinfomation • automated jobcreation for repeat • automated step & repeat by Esko Automation Engine based on data from cerm

Production scheduling

Get your hand on scheduling. Your production jobs are scheduled together with your materials. You’ll have a full visibility in capacity per machine, short term and long term. Detailed scheduling of each productionstep of the job, from approval up to shipping. Make reservations for jobs you are expecting and plan recurrent down time for maintenance. Optimize make-ready times by grouping jobs with same substrates, diecuts or colours.

based on technical requirement • realtime information on the Shop Floor • full visibility  in capacity • linked to your stock management and approval data

Shipping and invoicing

Print your core, carton or shipping labels and use these data quantities for shipping and invoicing. Data in the central database is used for the printing of packaging labels in terms of volume and references, no double entry. Store your finished goods in predefined locations. Pick your goods by scanning through wifi-scanners and complete the delivery note. Invoice each deliverynote or each shipping of the day.

create packing labels (carton, core, shipping) with unique GS1-compliant barcodes • tracking of finished goods • warehouse of finished goods with stock location • generate deliverynotes and tracking through Web4Labels • automated invoicing of delivered goods

Stock and Materialmanagement

Optimise your stock and automate your inventory. Place your orders through cerm directly to your suppliers. Rolls are uniquely identified in your warehouse based on EPSMA-codes and stored in allocated locations. Consume your reels by the automated press counters to make sure you have a closed loop circuit. Check your inventory with wifi-scanners. Implement our procedures and reduce your paperconsumption dramatically.

B2B with suppliers • order and receive roll stock electronically • stock management by EPSMA code per roll • traceability of rolls • use of press counters to track material consumption

Costing and Shop Floor Data Collection

Be able to judge the profitability of each individual product. Offer your pressoperators a tool to consult their works schedule per machine and let them indicate what they are doing. A change in schedule is seen automatically on the shop floor, no need to redistributing lists. Create semi-finished goods to track printed reels. Clockings and consumptions fill the post calculation and gives you an insight on the profitability of your finished goods.

realtime information on the shopfloor • based on the schedulingboard • material consumption via the EPSMA-code • use of press counters • realtime monitoring and production statistics