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Cerm’s MIS software helps Label and Packaging printers to better automate and manage their business, interconnecting all components and functions of a print shop from CRM, pre-press software, print presses, finishing equipment, logistics service providers and suppliers.
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CERM serves 44 countries with its fully integrated mission-critical business management software since 1990. The company has its head office in Belgium but currently employs 60 people across three continents.

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ER Label gains true insight in its workflow and business processes

ER Label gains true insight in its workflow and business processes

According to Aymeric Petitjean, who recognizes that the company could no longer do without the CERM MIS and the Hybrid Software integrations, the organization is much more fluid, the team works faster with a positive impact on production. As for the customers, they have gained visibility and deadlines.
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CERM 7.25 version update

Discover our new CERM version update 7.25

We offer smart software solutions that improve your productivity. Since ‘smart’ can only stay ‘smart’ because of a lifelong learning process, a drive for operational excellence and a willing to embrace new technologies… We are very happy to announce that our new CERM 7.25 version update is ready to install.
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Prepress excellence at La Commerciale

La Commerciale is a printing company that is a specializes in self-adhesive and reel labels, brochure and luxury packaging. Keeping up-to-date has always been at the centre of La Commerciale growth, with an eye towards extreme quality in the entire productive process. Mauro and Paolo, La Commerciale owners, truly believe in the power of efficiency, organization and productivity. For this reason, they’re always looking for new ways of making the entire process the most automatized as possible.
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