CERM 7.27 - Product purchase receipt through ASN | CERM

CERM 7.27 - Product purchase receipt through ASN


When ordering finished products from different production sites, Multisite label and packaging printshops are often challenged by discrepancies in SKU-labelling. As from our new 7.27 version update, we have developed a new method to receive products that have been purchased from any kind of supplier.


Using an ‘Advanced Shipping Note’ (or ASN) import file – a complete list of finished products that will be shipped from your supplier – allows you to re-use the suppliers SKU identification without having to manually re-label everything.

Drag/drop the ASN import file in the product purchase module and receive all information on content, quantity and identification of SKUs, boxes and even pallets. Of course, there’s always the opportunity to manually edit, delete or create a new set of SKUs where needed. A ready-to-use template of the ASN import file has been made available in the CERM online help.

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