The CERM 7.27 version update has been launched and is ready for download. Our latest MIS version is our answer to the modern-day challenges in the market. Here are a few of our new developments that are part of this update:


Keep a tight hold over volatile commodity and raw material prices with our new and expanded tariff definition method and usage of tariffs. With the CERM 7.27 version update, the desired tariffs can automatically be created when completing new estimates.

Similar to previous updates, you can further adjust CERM to your needs with a wide range of extra fields and columns.

We have optimized the logistics process when shipping sales orders, eliminating duplication of work and effort. Though automated communication between CERM MIS and nShift DeliveryHub (our partner in Transport Management Systems) you can submit all transport requirements directly out of CERM.

When ordering finished products, printshops are often challenged by discrepancies in SKU-labelling. As from our new 7.27 version update, we have developed a new method to receive products that have been purchased from any kind of supplier and re-use the SKU identification without having to manually re-label everything.


Further information and details about CERM 7.27 and every new development are submitted to the CERM online help and will be updated throughout. Don’t forget, there are some mandatory actions to be completed before updating. If you are in need for support, please contact your CERM consultant or submit your ticket in our helpdesk.

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