In today's fast-paced digital printing world, the need for efficiency, automation, and customization in the label and packaging printing industry is paramount. Infigo, supplier of no-doubt one of the most sophisticated web-to-print software solutions, offers unparalleled design and e-commerce capabilities for both your B2B and B2C customers. Now, thanks to our new CERM-Infigo partner integration, the horizon of possibilities has expanded even further, creating a streamlined and unified digital label or packaging print production workflow.


The Infigo advantage

Infigo is not just another web-to-print software. It's a comprehensive platform that bridges the gap between creativity and commerce. With its Infigo Editor, print customers are provided with a multitude of design options, from tailoring pre-defined templates to crafting custom designs from scratch. Its intuitive interface allows for experimentation with different materials and finishes, providing a 3D rendering to ensure customers can visualize the final product with real-life precision and detail.

For printshops, the Infigo software solution simplifies the entire process of setting up and maintaining an online storefront. These branded, SEO-friendly, and responsive portals enable printshops to receive orders at any given time during the day - or night for that matter.

CERM-Infigo partner integration


The Power of our new CERM-Infigo Partner Integration

The CERM-Infigo partnership is a testament to the future of digital print production. This integration ensures a seamless transfer of data and operations between the two platforms, greatly minimizing manual interventions and reducing operational costs.

For our CERM-users, the Infigo integration adds a whole new layer of possibilities in addition to the existing features CERM Web4Labels can offer, being our standard digital front-end solution for online quotes and asset management. The CERM-Infigo interface uses the same open APIs as used for our very own W4L/W4P solution and allows you to create new, eye-catching labels or striking packaging designs and instantly retrieve an estimate from the CERM MIS Software.

But there are many more highlights underline, in short:

1. Streamlined Order Process:

New orders can be directly pushed to the CERM MIS Software, and reordering CERM products via the Infigo platform has never been easier.

2. Database Synchronization:
The seamless sync between both customer and contact databases ensures that data is always up-to-date and accurate across both platforms.

3. Effortless Artwork Upload:
Users can directly upload their artwork from Infigo to CERM MIS, and with the automated pre-flight checks in place, the integrity of all files is assured.


In conclusion, the CERM-Infigo integration marks a significant leap forward in the label and packaging printing industry. It's a collaboration that resonates with the ever-evolving demands of the digital age, promising efficiency, automation, and unmatched user experience for the label and packaging printing industry.



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