A CERM Expert Article: Why the key differentiator for successful AI-scheduling is human! 

The CERM Scheduling Optimizer, a cloud-based AI solution, aims to transform the landscape of job scheduling in our label and packaging printing industry. The AI-scheduling technology is based on constraint optimization and tailored to your unique production processes and printing methods, offers an unparalleled approach to managing your production schedule. Together with Elke Buckinx – Product Manager and AI-scheduling specialist at CERM, we’ll discuss the human factor as  key differentiator to a successful implementation of our AI-scheduling tool.


1. Unveiling the magic of AI-scheduling:

The CERM MIS Software serves as the gateway to this innovation. It pushes a dataset of all orders that are ready for production into the Scheduling Optimizer application. Using a set of customizable parameters, our AI-scheduling cloud application processes this data, returning an optimized schedule to your CERM MIS. The system ensures a smooth long-term production planning, while your scheduling operators can fine-tune the upcoming 24 to 48 hours, focusing on efficiency and last-minute urgencies.

the key differentiator for successful AI-scheduling


2. Maximizing efficiency and avoiding bottlenecks:

One of the standout features of the CERM Scheduling Optimizer is its ability to prevent production bottlenecks. The AI-technology prioritizes in-time-production and delivery, allowing your scheduling operators to focus on efficiency parameters and to concentrate on the most critical aspect of production: cost-effectiveness and profitability. Since the biggest efficiency gain can be achieved in the first 24 hours of scheduling, the time cleared by AI-scheduling is golden.

Elke Buckinx explains and refers to recent experiences at Eshuis, a longstanding CERM user and early adopter of our Scheduling Optimizer tool: 

“During our CERM Studio Session at the latest edition of LabelExpo Europe in Brussels, we learned from Marco Oude Nijeweme – ICT Manager - that Eshuis combines 3 different printing techniques and processes around 40.000 jobs per year and manages over 16.000 lines on their plan board.

Thanks to the CERM Optimizer, scheduling time is heavily reduced and it’s easy to identify structural bottlenecks. The AI-scheduling takes care of our long-term planning. Meanwhile, our schedulers are focusing on pressing matters. If they keep on running into the same finishing machine or printing press to efficiently manage the next 24 hours, that’s a clear indication of where our bottlenecks lie and how to intervene.”


identifying bottlenecks with AI-scheduling


3. Empowering Scheduling Operators:

Elke Buckinx, our Product Manager and AI-scheduling specialist, emphasizes the AI-scheduling tool's power in liberating scheduling operators. This freedom enables them to focus on short-term production and those printing jobs that enhance overall productivity.

“It is - without a doubt - the biggest advantage of AI-scheduling: allowing your scheduler to take the time and focus on what really matters for your printing company. To improve productivity and how to prioritize those orders that bring the most value!”


4. Performance insights & error-free scheduling

When comparing manual scheduling to AI-scheduling, our CERM MIS planning report reveals a slight edge in timely scheduled jobs. However, the real benefits of AI scheduling are more profound and less immediately visible.

Our AI-Scheduling Optimizer completes the scheduling of your entire order list in about an hour. It meticulously adheres to all predefined parameters, achieving a level of precision and consistency unattainable by human schedulers.

By handling routine scheduling tasks, the CERM Optimizer frees your team to focus on prioritizing orders that bring the most value to your business. This strategic approach improves productivity and decision-making, without the worry of managing day-to-day scheduling.”


The magic of AI-scheduling



The CERM Scheduling Optimizer is more than a scheduling tool; it's a pathway to an optimized working environment. As order volumes increase, this AI-powered solution stands as a testament to innovation, efficiency, and the future of the printing industry. Discover the difference with CERM's AI-Scheduling Optimizer – where technology meets practicality.


Watch a complete interview by InkishTV with Marco Oude Nijeweme from Eshuis, following our CERM Studio session at LabelExpo Europe 2023.

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