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CERM MIS holds a lot of information on every aspect of your business and production processes. Having all that information at hand is one of CERM’s most appreciated assets. But sometimes, you just need that little piece of key information highlighted for a quick overview. And yes, our CERM MIS got that covered as well.


Apply conditional formatting to your data grids in CERM to highlight critical information, compare data or visualize trends and patterns. You can use data bars, icons and color scales to personalize the conditional formatting appearance to your needs. For example:

In CSR, you might want to highlight prices that have not yet been set or perhaps picked quantities if they shouldn’t match the quantities that are expected to be delivered.
In Stock Management, you might want to visualize stock with bars and colors to highlight when stock is running low.
In Scheduling and Production, the expected shipment deadline might get it’s own color-code to highlight that date coming soon or already been passed.

Applying conditional formatting is mainly based on standard Excel-functionalities but don’t worry. We have a detailed help topic with some great examples and a webinar recording on the CERM Academy to help you on your way. Of course, your CERM consultant is available whenever you need any assistance.


CERM Online Help topic on conditional formatting in data grids

CERM Academy course on conditional formatting in data grids

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