CERM INSIGHT: Digital Invoices | CERM

Still handling all your invoices one by one? Start using (“digital invoices”) "digital invoicing" to reduce time and eliminate mistakes.

When a sales order is shipped, its status will automatically change to "to invoice". At the end of the day - or at any given time - you can select all orders that are ready to invoice and generate all these invoices at once for the whole group. As a result, you will probably end up with a certain number of invoices concerning several clients. But that's no issue. By using the "digital invoices" function, the CERM MIS software will automatically convert all invoices to individual .pdf-files and directly mail them in attachment to the right contact(s) at your customer.

All you need to do is keeping your customers' parameters up-to-date and your invoices will be flying out the door.

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