CERM INSIGHT: quality assurance when releasing SKU’s


Depending on your quality assurance levels, all finished goods must pass several quality checks before they are released for shipment. The CERM MIS allow you to prevent the shipment of finished goods that haven’t passed quality control by providing automated release status warnings that can only be cleared by the responsible CERM-user.


Upon receiving a new sales order, a job gets created and the SKU’s are to be taken into stock. Based on the quality assurance levels set for these specific SKU’s, the Q-control status will automatically change and prevent shipping before the required quality control checks are carried out. If all products are approved and cleared to be shipped, the CERM-user must manually release the SKU’s by clearing the Q-control status.

Depending on the Quality Assurance requirements of your products, the release of your finished goods can be set on job, order, or SKU-level.


You can read all about releasing SKU’s, orders or jobs in the CERM online help or subscribe to the Quality Assurance course at the CERM Academy.


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