CERM INSIGHT: Using the CERM Email Motor Manager

CERM users who are applying the CERM Digital Invoices module are able to send all outstanding invoices to the selected recipients. But how can you be sure that the invoice has been successfully sent? The CERM Email motor Manager makes it possible to track and trace your sent emails.


The CERM Email Motor Manager

You can find the CERM Email Motor Manager at the CERM explorer. When selecting the ‘history’ tab, you will find all emails sent with the corresponding timestamp. If the status is green, all emails are successfully sent. If the status notifies you of a remark and changes to orange, an issue has occurred and at least one email has not been sent. For example, a customer who hasn’t been enabled for email transport. Or the SMTP e-mail implementation hasn’t been setup correctly. By looking into the remark, you can examine the error and set the record straight.

For more information on the CERM Email Manager, you can subscribe to the ‘Automatic mail upon shipment’ E-learning course at the CERM Academy.


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