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A closer look at the future of scheduling: launching the CERM Scheduling Optimizer


Label- and packaging converters are being continuously challenged to optimize their scheduling to increase efficiency and to process more orders, faster and better. Considering the ever-growing number of orders, expanding printshops and shorter lead times, trying to manually manage your scheduling is growing into a herculean effort. The new CERM scheduling optimization tool handles these fast-changing situations and provides the best solution according to predefined parameters. 


Developing the new CERM Optimizer

The primary objective of the CERM Optimizer is to schedule all jobs, or as many as possible, to be delivered on time. Subsequently, all actions will be sequenced to minimize make ready time to ensure the most efficient scheduling solution. When processing, the optimizer fully complies to a predefined set of rules such as available machine capacity, efficiency gain parameters and identical machines while avoiding any overlaps. 


A closer look at the future of scheduling

Although the CERM Optimizer has just been launched, we’re already looking forward to new ways to improve the next generation of our brand-new scheduling tool. The availability of resources will be considered when optimizing and tasks should only be scheduled when these required resources will become available. These being detailed instructions that will have a big impact on the results and improve usability of the CERM Optimizer tool even further. 


“This AI, cloud-based scheduling engine will have a very big impact on our customers. The scheduling operator will only have to solve incidents and last-minute urgencies. Structural capacity issues will become clear. I’m convinced that many will decide to make lead times longer for ‘exceptional’ jobs and shorter for standard jobs”, says Geert Van Damme – Managing Director at CERM. And this is only the start. We will keep on improving this tool, closely together with our customers, as they are used to!”


* For optimal use of the CERM Scheduling optimizer we advise you to implement the latest CERM 7.28 version update first, scheduled to be launched this fall. 


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