Closing out 2021 in style with the CERM 7.26 version update | CERM

Closing out 2021 in style with the CERM 7.26 version update 


In these last few weeks of 2021, we are launching our newest version update CERM 7.26. It has been another rollercoaster year but we’re rounding it off in style. Our new upgrade holds improvements for the complete industry-specific workflow for Labels, Packaging and Folding Carton. 


The September release of our folding carton software originated from the belief that an MIS truly improves productivity when it is based on a standard but industry specific workflow. Since the production of labels, packaging or rigid boxes is different, we brought two specialized technical solutions to the market: CERM for Labels & packaging and for Folding Carton. 

Logically, this new CERM 7.26 version update – the first since launching our folding carton and rigid boxes software – counts some strategic upgrades throughout different work steps of its standard workflow: The integration between CERM production flows and scheduling have been optimised even further, resulting in a tight coordination and better overview of all much-needed parameters. After all, good and efficient scheduling takes in account the entire production flow schema. Thanks to a graphical user-interface, the progress of the individual work steps of the job is clearly indicated for everyone involved. 

Furthermore, we have developed some new features in the ArtiosCAD integration with Esko; new functions for shapes, tools and imposition layouts; and better management tools for cut-out windows in shapes and carton die layouts. Specifics on every CERM 7.26 upgrade are available at the CERM help release notes. 


One of the biggest changes overall is the development and implementation of a new “tariff definitions” method. The 7.26 version update lets you take control of your selling prices and manage your tariff definition history and future. Tariffs can be defined in your currency or the customers’. In this way the profits and losses due to changing exchange rates are borne by the printing company on the one hand or the customer on the other hand.

Nowadays, commodity and raw material prices are ever-changing but thanks to the tariff definitions in CERM 7.26, you now get an automated solution to this volatile challenge. The new system of tariff definitions allows you to quickly respond to these fluctuations and adjust your tariffs by simply increasing prices by a percentage for estimates in group.

Once your own tariff definitions are set for a chosen period of time, the CERM MIS will use the negotiated tariffs as defined by you in the system. This brings the opportunity to rethink your tariff definitions whenever you decide is best for your business, starting from and up until the exact dates you choose. Consequently, every CERM new sales order price will automatically be based upon the current tariff definition, as instructed for that specific period. Everything being neatly logged into a tariff-history with comment section, detailing the hows and whys of every tariff decision. 


The new CERM 7.26 version update also looks at the future. With the Industry 4.0 on the horizon and the extended digitization of the printing business, we continue to build on a new cloud and browser-based architecture. The CERM Portal is another big step in our evolution, proudly presenting the recently improved CRM module and Production Monitor.

Our improved CRM module contains all sales related data, your personal tasks and pipelines to keep track of prospects. Including a direct link to Web4Labels’ FRQs. Following-up on the right lead has never been easier. With CERM CRM you can manage everything, efficiently and effectively.

Secondly, the CERM Production Monitor provides a wealth of visual insight into the live performance of all your machines. It is fully customizable, lets you see how the whole production floor is performing in real-time and immediately shows whether every order runs on track or not. 


The CERM 7.26 version update is now available for download. 


For clients: all information on the CERM 7.26 update version is available and has been centralized at the CERM help release notes. For more information you can ask your CERM-consultant or get any support you need at our CERM helpdesk.


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