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Discover our new CERM version update 7.25

We offer smart software solutions that improve your productivity. Since ‘smart’ can only stay ‘smart’ because of a lifelong learning process, a drive for operational excellence and a willing to embrace new technologies… We are very happy to announce that our new CERM 7.25 version update is ready to install.

Our new CERM 7.25 holds a complete set of updates in CERM user management, new custom fields for estimates, accountancy export improvements, etc… But there is more! Besides updating its existing features, CERM 7.25 is presenting you some handsome new developments.

The new Web4labels online pre-payment feature allows its users to pay at the spot when ordering online. Choose which type of payments you would like to offer your clients and as soon as their payment is successful a sales order will automatically be created. Don’t worry, before generating these sales orders, every invoice gets checked to make sure no errors will occur and no invoice sent that cannot be processed. Check, double check!

As of CERM 7.25 you will benefit from the improved SFDC module, allowing you to implement an even higher level of quality control. The ‘Roll Change Check-feature’ prevents the use of any SKU that does not match the substrate of the reserved material for the active job. Quality level parameters can be adjusted accordingly for each printing job. When the Roll Change Check is activated, only a direct approval from the competent supervisor can activate the use of a non-matching SKU. Once production has started, you can motivate the operators to match the target speed that has been set for that particular job, without implicating the cost calculation.

Our production monitor is not exactly a new kid on the CERM-block, but its job duration visual is! It shows you an essential comparison between the calculated time versus the actual setup and production time of the active job. Furthermore, as of today you can customise your own production monitor dashboard and keep track of your global productivity by selecting and adding the machines you want to see on the monitor.

You can find a detailed index and technical description of all updates and developments at the online help and our Academy at

If you have any questions regarding our new CERM 7.25 version release, you can always contact your consultant or reach out to our helpdesk.

Not feeling entirely sure about how to install CERM 7.25? Here’s a brand-new e-learning course on how to set up a testing environment and installing the upgrade:

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