Never late again, monitor your shipment performance with CERM Smart BI

In a world with increasing customer expectations and companies striving for the  highest customer satisfaction level as possible, meeting your customers shipment request is a given that simply cannot be forgotten or overlooked. CERM Smart BI now offers you the opportunity to monitor your complete Shipment Performance. 


On Time and In Full (OTIF) reporting

Are we shipping the right quantities? And are we still on time? The CERM MIS Software identifies both major KPI’s as “shipped-in-full” and “shipped-on-time” and includes the results in our CERM Smart BI solution. The OTIF report (On Time and In Full) combines both measures for a full and easy overview. 


CERM Smart BI: OTIF Analysis
(What is the On-Time-In-Full per customer)

The Standard CERM - OTIF report

The Standard CERM – OTIF report is the best place to start your shipment performance analysis. 

This OTIF report gives you an indication of the % of your sales orders that were shipped either on time, in full or both (On-Time-In-Full). It also indicates how many sales order lines were shipped early or late, and how many days they where overdue. 

CERM Smart BI: OTIF confirmed 
(How many sales orders are early, late and how many days overdue)

A deepdive OTIF analysis

It is also possible to perform a deepdive analysis of  which sales orders were on time, which items were not:

For example: Sales Order 107591 was shipped on the 18th of May but the ‘confirmed shipment date’ was 13th of May. This means the order is not shipped on time.  On the other hand, the ordered and shipped quantities are both 15.000, meaning the order was shipped in full. Nevertheless, this results in a 0% OTIF, as the order was not on time. 

CERM Smart BI: OTIF deepdive anaysis
(A deepdive OTIF analysis)

Track your shipment performance over a longer period of time

Equally interesting as how many of your sales orders were shipped and whether they were on-time, is to track your shipment performance over a longer period of time. This way you can determine cause or effect if you should notice a sudden drop in your performance. 

Why did we have more order running late during summer? Why did we ship significantly less or more in a specific month?  And ever more important, do we see an immediate impact because of the optimization measures that might have been taken beforehand. 

CERM Smart BI: OTIF on-time and in-full

(Track your shipment performance over a longer period of time)


Setting up OTIF measures in CERM Smart BI

The standard OTIF report only shows you an example of what is possible. In fact, CERM Smart BI offers you the opportunity to completely customize the OTIF according to your company’s procedures and business structure. 

Example 1: Of all sales order shipped, how many of them were on time and in full?
Example 2: Of all sales order that should have been shipped, how many of them were on time and in full? 

Both examples have a different interpretation and will consequently show different outcomes. It is important to define your personal OTIF-strategy, tailored to your business and adjust your Smart BI and OTIF  reporting accordingly. 

The CERM Smart BI team is ready to help setting up the desired reports and dashboard whenever you might need it. Together we determine:

  • What do you consider as “late”? And do we compare the real shipment date with the expected, confirmed or original shipment date? 
  • Did you determine delivery allowances? We help you define the range of deviation of the shipped quantity in which the order is still considered as “in-full”.


More information on OTIF reports or the CERM Smart BI solution? 

Don’t hesitate to reach out to your CERM MIS Implementation Specialist or the CERM Smart BI-team.

Or ask for a personalized CERM MIS demo!

Our CERM MIS Software is one of the most reliable there is in the label- and packaging industry. But we wouldn’t want you to just take our word for it. See and experience it for yourself, Book your CERM or Smart BI demo here.

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