New CERM MIS - Nyquist integration proves to be keystone in the success story of Achertäler Druckerei. | CERM

New CERM MIS - Nyquist integration proves to be keystone in the success story of Achertäler Druckerei.


Nyquist Systems / BST concentrates on the development of innovative quality assurance systems for printing packaging and labels. With TubeScan and TubeScan eagle view, Nyquist and BST are setting new standards in quality control during the printing and production processes. Thanks to a modularly constructed PC system and a high-quality image pickup device, the system allows for a good general overview, including the reliable detection of incorrectly printed labels, gutter remains, and missing print colors, even on reflective and metallic outer surfaces.


At Achertäler Druckerei, an established German printing and publishing house with a 130-year history that specialised in high-quality and technically sophisticated wine & spirit, cosmetic and food labels,  they know that faultless quality assurance is of the utmost importance. Innovation has always been key to its success and the automation of their workflow has rapidly become a decisive factor in increasing productivity. By integrating the Nyquist TubeScan with their central CERM MIS, they have automated their print inspection process: The retrieval of the appropriate reference artwork and die-cut contour file automatically builds a reliable golden image to perform the inspection. A 100% print inspection and detail viewing of critical areas.


“Back in 2018, after a long analysis of different MIS systems, we decided in favor of CERM, as this standard software is used successfully by a large number of print shops, especially in the adhesive label sector.

The implementation took place in an extremely short time but was handled very efficiently. Due to the widespread use and ongoing updates of further developments in CERM, we have a very extensive system that maps almost all areas of application and processes - even for future tasks. Every step of the workflow is clear and structured in the system.”

– Frank Neumann, Managing Director of Achertäler Druckerei


Since premium labels represent a major challenge for quality control in small batches, Achertäler Druckerei invested in a TubeScan digital strobe inspection system from Nyquist Systems (member of the BST Group) on their Codimag Viva 420 Aniflo offset printing machine. It was clear from the start that an inspection system had to be integrated into the workflow-automation concept.

Therefore, CERM and Nyquist Systems have jointly developed an easy-to-install integration for the CERM system that enables inspection data to be transferred to production. When the order ID is read in using a barcode scanner, the TubeScan system requests the relevant order data directly from the CERM server and sets up the test order. At the same time, the 1-row PDF is called up for comparison.

Managing Director Frank Neumann explains: “With the CERM workflow (BDE - prepress – machine) we can now compare the print image with the PDF print data stored in CERM and immediately check it for correctness, even before production starts. This reduces proofs, printouts and coordination issues throughout the process. As a result, this significantly reduces the risk of expensive production errors. Using identical data, the error margin can be minimized. In addition, we can immediately identify color deviations in the in-line production process and help the printing operators to consistently maintain good quality. Most important in doing so, is the simple, almost self-explanatory setting of the BST Nyquist system.”

Both CERM and Nyquist Systems are hidden champions in the niche market of narrow web printing. Both focus on an agile, customer-oriented way of working in order to react quickly to customer needs and developing market requirements and to offer pragmatic and tailor-made solutions.

According to Thilo Frech, technical Director of Achertäler Druckerei, this was also a decisive factor in the collaboration: "The implementation time ran in the period between ordering the camera system and the implementation phase on the printing press. Everyone involved implemented the tasks in a very short time, so that the system connection could take place immediately after installation. This was extremely positive, especially during the corona phase. In the short field test phase after the installation, minor problems were identified and quickly resolved by everyone involved. The system has been stable since then. We can already see that the advantages we wanted are being achieved. This investment decision has already achieved our desired goals after a short time. The Nyquist / BST – CERM integration runs without problems and has already achieved the expected savings potential."


Dr. Christian Dotzler, Head of Technology at Nyquist Systems (left) and Thilo Frech, Director at Achertäler Druckerei (right).

Dr. Christian Dotzler, Head of Technology at Nyquist Systems (left) and Thilo Frech, Director at Achertäler Druckerei (right).

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