Standing pouches added to product descriptions in CERM MIS


More than ever, standing pouches are trending in the packaging market! Its user-friendly nature appeals to our high living standards and the recent worldwide COVID pandemic has only encouraged our consumer behavior by emphasizing the need for packaged food and drinks.

In addition, more and more flexible packaging converters are now taking care of the complete production- and finishing process inhouse. Given the increase of demand and thus sales orders, a detailed product description method in the CERM MIS is heavily needed.


By launching the CERM 7.28 version update, we added a new product description wizard for standing pouches to the CERM MIS Software. The CERM MIS Software and its workflow are product oriented. Whereas it used to be sufficient to approach standard pouches as a flexible packaging product and to complete the estimation and calculation processes by an “open format” method without having to specify finishing requirements, our CERM MIS now features a brand-new standing pouches wizard. It automatically converts and transports technical properties defined in the calculation module, to the required product properties (width of the gusset, exact measurements, …).

The CERM standing pouches wizard drastically alters your calculation workflow. Instead of doing the math manually and entering your results in an open format flexible packaging product, the CERM MIS provides your description of the end-product that holds all information for the complete production- and finishing process.


A dedicated field for your GTIN-codes

The CERM MIS product description in CERM 7.28 is equipped with a dedicated field for entering the related Global Trade Identification Number or GTIN-code for that item. To make sure no incorrect codes or typos are getting in the way, the entered GTIN-code includes a correct check digit verification. Consequently, this GTIN-code can be used to automatically identify the according products when importing new sales orders and searching your product catalogue and order history by means of the corresponding GTIN code is quick and simple.


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