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Presenting the CERM Portal

In January 2021, CERM will release the new, improved, and redesigned Web4Labels 7.24, CERM’s all-in-one digital storefront that offers the print buyer the possibility to manage quotes and other assets online, in which it is proud to present a new layer to this online solution: the CERM Portal. This internal portal provides the printing company with a lot of internal functionalities online. The CERM Portal is the first step in bringing the CERM software to a browser environment and making it available at any time on any device.


Some of the interesting functionalities that are included in the CERM Portal:

  • create, consult, and manage customers
  • create and consult messages
  • all existing W4L-functionalities like Quick Quote & RFQ, product management and online ordering


On top of these functionalities, there are 2 exciting optional modules that can be added:

  • CRM via pipeline system
  • Production Monitor


Find more information on the Cerm Academy!