Presenting our new and game changing CERM–LabelHub integration


Speed, cost, quality, flexibility – label manufacturers grapple with many challenges today. In an increasingly competitive market with a growing demand to deliver faster, prepress workflow automation can be a game-changer. The CERM-LabelHub integration simplifies and automates the label management process in a user-friendly way.


LabelHub is cloud-based pre-press and web portal Software as a Service on a monthly subscription. As an online platform tailored specifically for Digital Label Manufactures, it increases overall productivity and saves time. LabelHub includes an integrated customer web portal for easy online cooperation between the label- and packaging manufacturers and the brand owner customers. LabelHub uses the latest technology and is continuously updated with new features.

CERM creates smart MIS Software solutions that improve your productivity. At CERM, we believe in an automated workflow, in connecting all elements of your business and a continuous striving for operational excellence. Through partnerships with industry leaders, we create complete and scalable end-to-end solutions for your entire value chain.

The CERM – LabelHub integration allows label- and packaging printers to automate their 1-up pre-press workflow, eradicating manual work and the associated error-margins. Upon product creation in the CERM MIS software, a prepress job JDF with a custom extension is written and located into a hotfolder. The LabelHub platform picks up this created JDF and reads all job and associated product information before executing a series of prepress tasks (preflight, step&repeat files, etc.). The output, a 1-up product .pdf and -thumbnail, are placed once again into a hotfolder that’s monitored by the CERM MIS and automatically moved to the appropriate CERM product folder structure.

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