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Welcome to CERM Smart BI 2.0


Business Intelligence (or BI) helps smart industrial printshops to connect the dots and find the right answers behind their company data. An important and supportive tool when making a wide range of crucial decisions, from operational efficiency to strategic new directions to explore.


CERM Smart BI 2.0 delivers you key insights to most essential business issues:

     - Is this (type of) customer profitable?
     - Are my sales growing over time? In which sector/segment?
     - Which projects contribute to our profit, and which don’t?
     - Which machines haven’t reached their targets this week, month or year?
     - Are they reaching its full potential?
     - What is the sales value per representative?
     - And how many new customers have they gained?

By analysing your data and setting up the right reports, CERM Smart BI 2.0 will bring knowledge to otherwise missed connections. And by doing so, it will help you to take the right decision.

CERM Smart BI 2.0 is our new cloud-based BI solution and captures all business data in a specialized database covering all areas of the CERM Software. Data extraction and transformation process occurs in a fully automated and coherent way and uses proven high-end technologies and design principles. This new data model is 24/7 available for answering data analysis and reporting queries.

The new CERM Smart BI configuration opens up a whole set of new and enhanced reporting functionalities:

     - Cross domain reporting is now possible to the entire data model 
     - You can create your own measures
     - Connect and add your own data to the model
     - Additional and improved standard reports, new measures, …


Don’t you think it’s time to become a smart factory? Get in touch with our CERM Smart BI team and we’ll get you a personal demo and get you started right away!


Already a CERM Smart BI customer? Great! Once the installation of CERM Smart BI 2.0 is finished, there is a three-month migration period where you can still use both versions.

We will fully support our customers during their migration process. More information on the CERM Smart BI 2.0 can be found at our online help pages, or you can reach out to the CERM Smart BI team.

CERM Smart BI customer card
CERM Smart BI Overall Equipment Effectiveness
CERM Smart BI Raw Material Availability
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CERM Smart BI 2.0 Invoiced value
CERM Smart BI 2.0 Product Inventory

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