Your CERM MIS 7.29 version update is oh-so summer ready 


Forget about beach bodies or tan lines, get your CERM MIS summer ready with the launch of our latest 7.29 version update. As usual, we have some new breaking-changes as point of attention, additional developments and software improvements to share. More information will follow soon, but here are the most important update highlights. 


Certified Avalara integration partner

Our new Avalara AvaTax interface represents a more-than-significant part of our CERM MIS 7.29 version update. It allows you to automate your Sales tax calculations and complete tax-filing process. Being a certified Avalara partner guarantees our CERM-users to benefit from an optimal customer experience when implementing and using this interface. 

Furthermore, with an increasing number of countries making B2B e-invoicing mandatory, we decided to speed up and intensify our development of a new additional interface with the Avalara E-Invoicing solution. In our 7.30 release we plan to deliver to our customers adequate tools to counter these new challenges efficiently and effectively.

MIS Software improvements and new developments

The CERM MIS Production flows module has been updated with additional features for an improved user experience. 

Production flow schemes can be quite complex and contain a lot of different work steps. To always keep an oversight, we added a handy click & drag functionality to navigate the overview screen. While navigating – no matter the zoom level – you can always see all the work steps and a short description neatly listed in chronological order on a new, additional panel screen. Selecting one of the work steps in this panel will conveniently highlight that work step in the production flow scheme. 

And it gets even better… This functionality also works in reverse. By selecting a work step in the production flow scheme, the additional panel will feature all connected resources to that work step. By hovering over these resources, you get an immediate thumbnail image, unit price, quantities, and dimensions.  

For hybrid printing label presses – a press that combines both conventional and digital printing stations - the CERM MIS 7.29 version now has the option to define a cost per 1.000 meter for the digital printing component to make sure you have accurate cost calculation.

On general MIS level, we worked on improving or adding custom fields where needed and consequently the accessibility of those custom field parameters. 

The CERM 7.29 version update is ready for download. More information on individual updates in this version update will follow soon as we are working hard on documenting all functionalities in the CERM online help and CERM Academy. 

If you have any questions or need additional information on our latest version update, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your CERM MIS Implementation Specialist


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