Partner Intergrations



Integrating CRM to your CERM MIS

Different CRM features are available within the CERM MIS Software. However, you can still use your existing CRM software and keep all your customer information automatically up to date within both systems – preventing the duplication (or divergence) of data and any manual effort.

Automated data export

An automated export containing XML files with complete information on customer and contact level will be carried out at regular intervals to update your external CRM software: a full export containing all data which runs once a day, and a more customized export with limited (new or modified) data which runs every hour.

Import subject to leading software

It also works the other way around: via the ‘import relations’ feature you can automatically update your CERM MIS from your external CRM software. The direction of exchange between your CERM MIS and third-party CRM software can be set as desired and will be based on the leading CRM tool.

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