Partner Intergrations

Production - Gallus


Job instructions for Gallus machines

Job instructions and scheduling

The CERM - Gallus integration has the purpose of sending out job instructions to the Gallus machine according to the standard JDFJMF interface.

The print job in question is automatically set up on the Gallus machine, based on an existing machine recipe from a previous production.

Automating machine configuration and optimizing output for waste management

Subsequently, the Gallus machine adjusts its settings and configurations before starting, and monitors its output.

The submitted job instructions out of the CERM MIS contain all information about of the exact material waste and over-production in order to produce just enough semi-finished goods for the required finishing steps.

Job instructions and Shopfloor Data Collection

The Gallus machine returns real-time counter data via JMF messages to the CERM MIS for automatic material consumption.

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