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Optimizing quality assurance through Nyquist camera inspection

The CERM - BST Nyquist integration automates the camera inspection process contributing to better quality assurance. It bypasses manual search for files and automatically sets up the correct referencing image and links all prepress files to the right job instructions.

Automated camera inspection

The CERM MIS enables inspection data to be transferred to production. When the order ID is read with a barcode scanner, the BST Nyquist TubeScan system requests the relevant job data directly from the CERM MIS server and sets up the camera based on the JDF instructions.

The approved artwork file generated by the prepress workflow system, as single source of truth, is automatically loaded. The Nyquist camera inspection system will cross reference the printed goods to a complete set of quality assurance actions based on a specific set of rules.

The link between the CERM MIS and BST Nyquist inspection system is organized via JDF communication.

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