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Production - Rotocontrol


Automating your finishing process with the CERM – Rotocontrol integration


The Rotocontrol finishing machine turns semi-finished goods, like printed rolls, into a final product that’s ready for shipping. The CERM MIS will exchange a JDF file with the required finishing instructions such as – depending on the exact configuration of your Rotocontrol finishing machine – die cutting, slitting, hot foil finishing, etc.

After all job instructions have been received, the Rotocontrol machine automatically performs a setup to execute the required finishing job.

SKU labeling of finished goods

Each time a set of finished rolls is produced, they can be automatically labeled with a unique SKU identifier. When printing the SKUs directly out of the CERM MIS, the order of the printed SKU labels will match the exact sequence and position of the labels on the print form.

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