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Streamlining your prepress workflow

The Screen product prepress integration is intended to automate the complete process from product creation in the CERM MIS Software to the approval of the soft proof by the print buyer.

Automating repetitive tasks saves time and reduces errors. It also allows your prepress operators to focus on added value operations – their real expertise – with operator independent consistency in file handling, naming and storage.

Automated workflow via JDF

Based on the product properties available in the CERM MIS system, JDF instructions are sent via an automatically generated prepress job to Screen Equios.

Dragging and dropping the product artwork file provided by the print buyer stores the file in a shared network location and automatically launches the workflow in Screen Equios. This workflow executes a series of tasks (size check, pre-flight, file optimization, etc.) with the possibility of operator interventions where needed.

Synchronizing artwork status

In this automated process the evolution of the artwork status is bidirectionally synced. Product color details are exchanged with the CERM MIS to be part of the product description. The generated output files (thumbnail, soft proof and highres PDF) are automatically stored in the shared product folder structure. There is no file duplication.

Soft proof approval

Finally, the soft proof PDF generated by Screen Equios is submitted to the print buyer for approval. There are several options available to submit the soft proof and register the customer’s feedback. Once approved, the product prepress workflow is completed. The product has reached the point where it can be produced when the customer orders it.

Bidirectional data exchange

The CERM - Screen Equios integration is based on bidirectional JDF-JMF data exchange.

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