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Our experience of several hundred customers allows us to offer this test to assess how CERM MIS can provide a complete and effective response to the evolution of your needs according to your economic environment, your organization and your strategy.

collaboration tools

The digitization of your relationship with your partners (customers and suppliers) must be fully supported by your MIS solution.


  • Data exchange with customers (Web portal, EDI, import of order file, emails, contracts…)
  • Data exchange with suppliers (tools, substrate, prepress, carrier…)

quality assurance

Standardization and industrial efficiency very often impose quality standards if not very high at least under control. The packaging producer must respond to the processes and products involved in production with a level of traceability that is sometimes very high traceability, COC, inspection, claim management…)

product range & variation

Packaging is the communication tool between the producer of the product and the consumer. The packaging can be very complex in its technicalities (multilayers, multi runs, kits…) or simply means of delivering a product to the consumer.

sales & service organization

Over the years and the search for efficiency to provide more services to its clients and maintain its margins in a very changing market over the past 20 years, the company has developed many internal procedures and management tools from commercial prospecting to the supply of products sold / manufactured to end customers : CRM, Customer services, scheduling, SFDC, jobticket…

warehouse & logistics

Just-in-time industrial production and lean management impact producer behavior. The storage and transport of packaging products to their place of use in the industrial chain will influence the procedures put in place on the side of the producer of these packaging : storage, stock orders, carrier interfaces, international…

production process

The multitude of production technologies responds to the complexity of products and will have a significant impact on process management and the interconnection of the various partners and market players. 


  • Prepress: development, prototyping, file management … 
  • Press: digital, offset, flexo, sheetfed, screen, engraving …
  • Post-press: online, offline, subcontracting …

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Sinds juni 2018 maken wij als bekerproducent gebruik van CERM. CUPSZ is destijds als start-up kleinschalig begonnen met CERM. In die tijd heeft CERM heeft ons de mogelijkheid gegeven om verder te groeien en de processen steeds verder te automatiseren.
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Interket GmbH

CERM’s approach, combined with Smart BI, perfectly fits our needs and thanks to the CERM consultants, specialists in label business, we were able to reduce the go-live period to 6 months only.
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Omnilabel BV

Omnilabel BV

What surprised us most during the implementation is the easy and fast transition to Cerm.
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