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Calculate your return with the CERM ROI Report

Implementing the CERM MIS Software might seem an investment, but it’s well worth it. The CERM ROI report is a tailored financial analysis on how implementing the CERM MIS impacts your productivity.

How does it work?


To calculate your return, there are a few things we need to know first: company structure, revenue, annual estimates, types of printing jobs, etc. 

We understand this might be sensitive information to share online. After receiving your application, our CERM Business Development team will send you a personal survey. All information provided will be handled strictly confidential and will be deleted after finalizing the report.


After analyzing the provided information, you’ll receive a personalized ROI report with detailed assessment of the expected return:

  •   The % of increase in orders processed
  •   The % of increase in margin per order processed
  •   The % of decrease in material cost per order processed
  •   The % of increase in overall productivity
  •   ...
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