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The industrial printing of labels and packaging can be quite complex. You need a complete MIS software solution to master every order, from optimizing printing orders and calculating waste to managing the use of materials and shipping costs.

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The CERM MIS Software covers the three upper levels of your company’s management, manufacturing and monitoring tools, and converts them into a fully integrated and interactive framework.
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Business Intelligence
Collects all captured business data and helps to interpret your printing company’s performances by converting the collected data into strategic and user-friendly reports.
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Enterprise Resource Planning
Streamlines the most important management functions of your printing company in one platform.
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Manufacturing Execution System
Includes all operating systems that control and monitor the entire production process.
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Industrial Internet of Things
Represents the registration of all possible data within your printing company and its technological environment.
Our CERM MIS is tailored to the Label and Packaging Industry
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