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Our CERM MIS Software is based on a standard workflow that all industrial print shops maintain when processing sales orders.

Ever since the beginning, we’ve developed an industry-specific MIS Software, meeting the specific requirements of print shops and packaging converters.

With our CERM MIS Software, we create a complete and scalable end-to-end solution for your entire value chain. Starting from a standard workflow and allowing parameter configurations according to specific requirements, we streamline your entire business by connecting all individual operating systems into one powerful production flow that proves to be more than the sum of its parts.

Unlike commercial printing, you need a product-oriented approach since most sales orders in the labels and packaging jobs are repeat jobs. The CERM MIS Software focuses on product descriptions and uses the submitted input and collected information as a touchstone during every step of the ordering process.


Manage the interactions and relationships with current, new and potential customers. Keep a detailed follow-through and manage the internal procedures efficiently and effectively.


Determine sales prices and deliver quotations, using an intuitive calculation wizard based on printing methods, tool and material availability and commodity prices.


Facilitate online quotations, streamline product creation and approval and sales order entry, using an intuitive web interface to service your customers.


Create new products based on technical and commercial data and seamlessly integrate them with your professional prepress software for automated step and repeat. 


Enter sales orders with available administrative data, including product ID, quantity, price and shipping and delivery address. Based on sales orders, you pick products from stock, place orders with your suppliers and produce products.


Get a grip on scheduling. Group different sales orders into production jobs, create detailed scheduling for all worksteps – from platemaking to shipping – and optimize the production workflow.


Manage your requirements for materials, tools, products and outside services by transforming them in purchase orders to be submitted to your suppliers. Automate, optimize and monitor your entire inventory using location data and barcode scanning.


Manage everything related to shipping: from stocking and picking finished goods to creating packing labels and generating delivery notes.


Automate billing for your product deliveries, including invoices, reminders and tracking of expenses.

100% subscription-based software
CERM MIS is 100% subscription-based software, so you always benefit from the newest features, developments and integrations. By choosing the CERM MIS Software, you get a standard subscription – with the option to add extensions depending on your needs of wishes.
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