CERM INSIGHT: Optimizing artwork approval through CERM Web4Labels


Artwork approval is a critical step in the label and packaging production process. However, this process can be time-consuming, inefficient, and error-prone when done manually. CERM Web4Labels can streamline your artwork approval process and make it more efficient.


Optimize your artwork approval process

By using the CERM Web4Labels digital frontend with an automated prepress integration, you can optimize your artwork approval process and reduce the time and effort required to get artwork approved and ready for printing. No more endless back-and-forth communication between to the customer and your in-house studio, often ending up in a frustrating experience for both parties that may well even result in delays or increased costs. CERM W4L enables a direct upload of the artwork and provides immediate notifications or warnings when the files don’t meet the needed requirements. For example, if the dimensions are incorrect, the colors are off, or the resolution is too low, Web4Labels will flag these issues and adjust the artwork-status accordingly. This feedback allows your customers to make changes quickly and efficiently. 

Once the artwork is submitted and successfully passed the preflight of your prepress software, a softproof is generated and automatically share with your customer. This proof allows them to review and approve the artwork, making sure it meets their expectations, before it goes into print.


Automatic creation of Step and Repeat files

The CERM MIS software automatically links the artwork files with the prepress software – via a shared product folder structure. The automated bi-directional data-exchange between CERM MIS and your prepress software saves time and eliminates the risk of errors. When ultimately your sales order is being pushed through, the production process is automatically set up based on the approved artwork and technical product descriptions, resulting in the automatic creation of the necessary step and repeat files, reducing time and effort required to prepare the artwork for printing. 


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