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In tandem with its many industry partners, CERM is transforming its database into a mine of information and a true ecosystem. Suppliers receive purchase orders and send shipping notes electronically, production equipment receives instructions and reports back on production details, prepress workflow systems exchange statuses with customers, scheduling and production departments. One solid software system, many partners.

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Sinds juni 2018 maken wij als bekerproducent gebruik van CERM. CUPSZ is destijds als start-up kleinschalig begonnen met CERM. In die tijd heeft CERM heeft ons de mogelijkheid gegeven om verder te groeien en de processen steeds verder te automatiseren.
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Interket GmbH

CERM’s approach, combined with Smart BI, perfectly fits our needs and thanks to the CERM consultants, specialists in label business, we were able to reduce the go-live period to 6 months only.
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Omnilabel BV

Omnilabel BV

What surprised us most during the implementation is the easy and fast transition to Cerm.
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Print-Leeds launches new division with £1m investment

Print-Leeds has branched into self-adhesive label production after investing just over £1m in a new press, finishing kit and MIS and creating a new specialist division.
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[Webinar] TAGA presents how today's reporting has become an Intelligent Management Tool to drive change

TAGA Presents, coming this March, examines developments in sustainable packaging, color matching across processes, mining big data from MIS solutions, and the state of printed electronics.
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Steffen Haaga joins CERM

CERM extends its global reach by appointing Steffen Haaga as Director of Global Business Development
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