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About Heidelberg:

Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG is the global printing industry’s dependable partner and leading innovator. For the last 170 years, the company has epitomized quality and sustainable business practices. But while Heidelberg takes pride in its history, the company is also perfectly positioned to respond to future trends by offering cutting-edge technologies and innovative business ideas.
Heidelberg is forging the print media industry’s digital future. We aim to offer customers an end-to-end digital ecosystem for creating and adding value. Our customers already benefit from smart services such as predictive maintenance, but also from groundbreaking business models such as pay-per-outcome. Here, Heidelberg provides the machines, software, consumables and services, while customers simply pay for the number of sheets. This “on-demand productivity” model gives our customers the flexibility they need to adapt to business growth and market demand.
As a dependable partner and technology pioneer, Heidelberg adds value by delivering the digitally connected, smart, highly automated print shop of tomorrow. Making customers more competitive by boosting their productivity and efficiency.


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