About Spilker

Introducing Spilker, a trusted partner with a rich legacy of 60 years in innovation within the realm of rotation. At CERM, we recognize and value Spilker's expertise in crafting cutting and finishing tools, as well as their specialization in designing customized converting solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each customer.

Our collaboration with Spilker is founded on a shared commitment to precision and excellence. With their extensive know-how in cutting and finishing technology and a solution-oriented approach, Spilker consistently delivers high-quality products that align perfectly with the demands of our clients.

At CERM, we understand the importance of partnering with companies like Spilker, who prioritize customer-centric solutions and offer unparalleled support throughout every stage of a project. With Spilker's promise of passion for precision resonating with our own values, we look forward to continued collaboration, ensuring that our clients receive the tailored solutions they deserve.


"Our round-the-clock flexible die production guarantees short delivery times. The process can be further accelerated by using direct order systems such as CERM"

- Dietmar Rothhardt, Head of the Flexible Die Division at Spilker