About HP

Specializing in the printing industry, HP offers a comprehensive portfolio that includes personal systems, high-performance printers, and cutting-edge 3D printing solutions. Their printers range from home and office models to industrial-grade systems, all designed to deliver exceptional quality and efficiency. HP’s 3D printing technology revolutionizes manufacturing by enabling rapid prototyping and production with precision and reliability.

HP's commitment to sustainability is evident in their eco-friendly printing solutions, which reduce waste and energy consumption. Their innovative ink and toner cartridges are designed for recycling, contributing to a circular economy. HP's advancements in digital printing technology also enable faster turnaround times and customizable print runs, catering to the dynamic needs of modern businesses.

By continuously pushing the boundaries of printing technology, HP helps companies improve their operational efficiency, reduce environmental impact, and enhance the quality of their printed materials. This dedication to thoughtful innovation and sustainable practices aligns perfectly with our values, making HP an essential partner in delivering advanced printing solutions that drive meaningful progress and extraordinary contributions to humanity.


"The future is digital. HP Indigo has fueled digital printing growth over the last 25 years, partnering for success with those who dare to go beyond. As the number and variety of jobs are growing, the integration between CERM and HP Indigo enables label converters to deliver faster turnaround to their brands, while reducing labor and errors, and optimizing their job quoting.” 

- Alon Bar-Shany, General Manager at HP Indigo