CERM INSIGHT: Optimizing sales order production with CERM Autoplan


Maintaining the highest level of production efficiency is key when you’re faced with the modern-day challenges in the label and packaging printing industry. Processing more orders while trying to keep shorter lead times, getting your cost base right and extensive waste management are all depending on a streamlined and efficient production process. The CERM Autoplan wizard allows you to combine multiple sales orders in the same production job and increase overall efficiency.


The CERM Autoplan wizard is a key feature of the CERM MIS standard software subscription. It works by combining multiple sales orders into one production job, using the reference calculation of all the products involved to optimize positioning on the web, overall efficiency, optimization of usage of consumables, and - ultimately - production speed. CERM Autoplan is activated when you approve production for one or more sales orders, and calculates its outcome based on the technical description of your label, pouch, sleeve, or flexible packaging solution.

Our latest and one of the most exciting features of CERM Autoplan is the ability to determine how many printing lanes should be considered when calculating the optimized positioning of your sales orders.  Let's say you have nine printing lanes available, but you only want to use four of them for a specific printing job. Autoplan will add this instruction to its parameters and find the optimal sales order positioning that fits your specifications.

CERM Autoplan not only allows you to optimize your production process, leading to faster turnaround times, lower costs, and higher profits, but by combining multiple sales orders into one production job, you'll also save time and reduce waste. 


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