LabelExpo Europe 2023 was nothing short of a resounding success, marking a triumphant return to the world of in-person industry events following the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. The event started with a bang and only gained momentum as it progressed. Here's a look back at the highlights that made it an unforgettable experience:


A night to remember: The Industry Awards

Monday night set the stage for LabelExpo Europe 2023 with the Industry Awards ceremony, almost reminiscent of prom night. Mercian Labels took center stage as they proudly accepted a nomination for Team Achievement. The spotlight was on our groundbreaking lights-out automation project, a collaborative effort with ABG and Screen, driven by the visionary leadership of Dr. Adrian Steele. The project earned its due recognition with a prestigious gold award trophy, a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence.

Industry Awards CERM-ABG-SCREEN lights-out project Mercian Labels   lights out project Mercian Labels with SCREEN, ABG & CERM


CERM Studio sessions: kicking LabelExpo into highest gear

LabelExpo’s latest edition gained momentum with the CERM Studio Sessions, where we engaged in thought-provoking panel discussions with our valued customers and partners. These sessions delved deep into thexperiences with our CERM Management Information System (MIS) and workflow automation, which thrived through our integrations and standard interfaces with industry leaders.

One of the standout moments was the insightful discussion led by Bert Claeys from Asteria Group, emphasizing the pivotal role of CERM Smart BI in managing their multi-site environment efficiently. Additionally, a keynote session featuring industry experts Eshuis shed light on the power of AI in scheduling, sharing invaluable insights and best practices concerning the CERM Scheduling Optimizer.

CERM Studio Session Eshuis  CERM Studio Session Asteria


Walking the walk at LE Automation Arena

LabelExpo Europe 2023 showcased the convergence of expert knowledge and printing industry prowess in the daily Automation Arena features. Visitors were treated to a comprehensive demonstration of lights-out production from start to finish, with automated setup and inspection of the complete print- and converting process.


Conclusion: A record-breaking success

After four exhilarating days of CERM MIS frenzy, the heat was absolutely on! LabelExpo Europe 2023 shattered records for the number of CERM-demos given. These demos showcased how our automation solutions can significantly enhance productivity for label and packaging manufacturers. The Automation Arena shows served as the cherry on top, illustrating the pinnacle of integrated workflow in action.

In retrospect, LabelExpo Europe 2023 was an event that exceeded expectations. And remember, as the saying goes... "if you can't stand the heat, stay out of LabelExpo Europe."


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