New CERM-LabelHub partner integration at the core of prepress workflow automation at Interket


Interket is one of Europe’s leading label groups with a presence across Europe including Germany, The Netherlands, Sweden, United Kingdom and France. The label group delivers every solution from the essential label to complex security solutions. The new CERM and LabelHub software integration allows Interket to automate their prepress workflow and significantly improving its productivity at the same time.


“By using the CERM-LabelHub software integration we are able to automate 90% of our digital label and flexible packaging jobs. Where we used to manually create the files for our digital printing presses, this is now done automatically. We simply upload the artwork and LabelHub does the rest” explains Klaas van Tuil about working with prepress at Interket in The Netherlands.

 Interket always works proactively to meet customer needs and continuously improve our solutions and processes. We see the need to change jobs more often and faster, therefore automating our workflow is essential. We enjoy working together with customers and suppliers to find the best solutions, for Interket it´s crucial that our partners share this way of working.

“The team at LabelHub thinks along with you and come up with suggestions and solutions themselves. Since they have developed the software, they can make changes to the workflow and templates relatively quickly” emphasizes Klaas.

As LabelHub becomes a partner of CERM, Interket hopes to automate the workflow even more.

“At the moment we have to download the artwork ourselves from LabelHub and then put it in Cerm. Within short the files will be automatically uploaded in Cerm as soon as the files are ready” Klaas explains.

CERM - LabelHub integration at Interket

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