New KURZ partner integration: automating PO information

KURZ is an absolute embellishment material specialist with a passion for technology and committed to making every label and packaging product unique. High quality products and a global reach in manufacturing and distribution bring a premium price-performance ratio to their customers all over the world. The new CERM-KURZ partner integration allows the automated exchange of purchase-order information.


CERM-KURZ EDI workflow

After creating the material purchase order in the CERM MIS, the EDI interface sends out the PO message. In response, KURZ sends a confirmation message via EDI that updates the PO status in CERM MIS and saves all confirmation references.

Before shipping, KURZ – your raw material supplier – will provide an ASN file (Advanced Shipping Note) via EDI with detailed data of all materials included, enabling the CERM MIS to process the delivery and take everything into stock without the need to scan all rolls separately upon delivery.


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