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What's your score on the CERM Radar

The CERM Radar test is our free accessible assessment tool that reveals how CERM MIS can help you streamline your business. The importance of connecting all elements of your business lies in the fact that an integrated workflow will allow you to process more orders faster and better. Implementing CERM MIS will improve your production capacity and overall productivity up to 30% with the same amount of people and equipment involved.


“ At our company we simply can no longer do without the CERM MIS. Our organisation is much more fluid, the team works faster with a positive impact on production. As for the customers, they have gained visibility and deadlines “

Aymeric Petitjean – ER Label


The CERM Radar consists of three short steps and is based on 6 primary axes that represent crucial aspects within the industrial printing world. As you might know, we develop our software to be industry-specific and product-oriented, meeting the very special demands of modern-day label- and packaging converters.

During the first step you rate yourself according 6 axioms, each representing a different phase or aspect in the industrial production workflow: workflow partner integrations, production process complexity, product range, quality assurance, warehousing & logistics and the sales- & service organisation within your company.

The second step brings depth to your numeric score by clarifying type of industry, product, and the average production time.

And that’s it! After completing these first two steps you get to see how you score on the CERM Radar but… there is more.

Your CERM Radar score connects you to a specific profile and description, but we prefer to demonstrate our software solutions to you on a more personal level. We happily schedule a demo tailored to your Radar profile. That’s why we ask you to submit some personal details before finishing the third and final step of the test.

As you will notice, we not only believe our software will improve your productivity, we’re also keen on proving it. That’s why you can ask for a detailed ROI report to be presented to you during our demo. Don’t worry, it’s free of charge. We only need you to fill in the extra ROI form we’ll send you after receiving your request. We take MIS-implementations seriously, so we need the right input and a few more details to calculate your ROI effectively and correctly.


Curious on how you’d score on our CERM Radar?

Take the test and find out first-hand!



Curious how you’d score on the CERM Radar? Take the test!

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