Workflow automation to its fullest extent at Springfield Solutions


With more than 45 years of experience under its belt, Springfield Solutions has become a world leading supplier of innovative digital label and packaging solutions. While granting us a unique insight behind-the-scenes, Dennis Ebeltoft - Operations Director at Springfield Solutions - speaks freely about integrating workflows, creating the optimal working environment for all employees and how to keep an edge over the competition.


An integrated workflow based on a digital printing process with ABG finishing equipment and Screen Inkjet presses

We had reached a point in 2010 where our existing system had reached its limit and to grow the business, we needed an integrated system that would give control to each department and allow one central database for all specifications and artworks to be held and accessed by all employees. Implementing CERM MIS immediately gave us an advantage by enabling all administration tasks to be instantly reduced, which streamlined the  whole flow of information and in turn increased productivity. 

In addition, we also got a better understanding of our consumable spend and production costs. Where we used to be heavily focused on food and drinks, a highly competitive industry combined with lower revenues, we steadily made a shift towards other label and packaging markets such as health & wellbeing as well as beauty & cosmetics. The kind of products that generally work really well with digital embellishments. 

All our digitally produced self-adhesive labels are printed on Screen Digital Inkjet L350 presses. Most of them are running in an in-line configuration with AB Graphics International Digicon Series 3 finishing machines. We have another press running off-line where all printed material gets finished on our DigiLite or DigiJet. It gives us a fully digital system that allows for multiple processes in one pass, including spot varnishing, cold foiling and tactile screen effect on any size of print run.


Business automation and using Web4Labels for artwork approval

Yet another expressive example of how the CERM MIS streamlines our business workflow at Springfield Solutions would be the implementation of Web4Labels and how we use it for artwork approval. We used to have our own “studio” managing artwork approvals in the past, but it was very time-consuming. It resulted in a lot of emailing back and forth and - more often than not – educating our customers on how to provide high-quality print files. 

Now this part of our prepress workflow has been automated, there’s a heavy cut back on load times and it speeds up the preflight process. Basically, it comes down to this: after we’ve stepped our files, we don’t need any form of human interaction until the product is completely printed and finished. Of course, we’re holding on to our established and standard quality checks, but it gives you the right idea on how efficient and productive a fully integrated workflow could be. 


Processing more orders in an optimized environment

We are still growing every year and are getting more and more orders in every month. Our print customer service team consisting of 5 dedicated staff members who are responsible for raising quotations, sales orders, stepping of products using CERM Autoplan and creating works orders on top of individually managing close to 100 customers but they’re doing a fantastic job, thanks to a powerful CERM MIS in support. 

Which is a very important aspect of how we run our business here at Springfield Solutions. We want our people to be happy and to be confident in their job. We listen to our teams in the field and try to improve where we can, creating the best possible environment for our operators to process their orders as easy as possible. 


“The opportunity to work with not only a key partner but a key customer to develop an automated environment has been phenomenal. We are grateful for the collaboration of all the parties involved as this has been a crucial step to realising the fully automated potential of both label print and finishing processes.” 
- Claire Fenton, Marketing Manager at AB Graphic International  


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