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Nesting CAD shapes for sheetfed packaging

The Esko ArtiosCAD production tooling integration for sheetfed packaging organizes one or more CAD shapes on a given sheetwithin the CERM MIS. Based on the instructions from your CERM MIS, Esko ArtiosCAD will calculate the most optimal solutions to fit the CAD shapes on the requested sheet (= nesting).

Carton die tooling

The selection of a proposed solution is the basis for the creation of carton die tooling in the CERM MIS.

The carton die tooling and its identification is synced with Esko ArtiosCAD and results in ready-to-use files which are suitable for the actual tool making process. They are the basis for the automatic positioning of product artwork into the different die cut stations during the step-and-repeat process of a production job.

All output files are automatically stored in a tooling folder structure.

Automating packaging tooling process

Automating the complex nesting tasks saves time and reduces errors. It also allows your CAD operators to focus on added value operations – their real expertise – with operator independent consistency in file handling, naming and storage.

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