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Production - ESKO


Automating the step-and-repeat process

The Esko Automation Engine production integration is driven by the creation of a production job in the CERM MIS. Based on the details defined in the CERM MIS, it automates the step-and-repeat process and generates print-ready files suitable for platemaking or submission to a supported digital press.

Automating repetitive tasks saves time and reduces errors. It also allows your prepress operators to focus on added value operations – their real expertise – with operator independent consistency in file handling, naming and storage.

Positioning products for step and repeat

Positioning the products in lanes (= roll-based production) or in stations on sheets (= sheetfed packaging production) is part of the production job creation process in the CERM MIS. That way, you send detailed instructions to Esko Automation Engine, ensuring the workflow in Esko Automation Engine automatically executes the step-and-repeat process – resulting in print-ready files for production. The output files are stored in a shared job folder structure. There’s no file duplication. A message from Esko Automation Engine updates the job status progress in the CERM MIS, allowing real-time follow-up in scheduling.

Bidirectional data exchange

The CERM - Esko Automation Engine integration is based on bidirectional JDF-JMF data exchange.

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