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Tilia Labs Phoenix is the intelligent folding carton and sheetfed label imposition tool that auto-populates die cavities based on ordered quantities. It generates optimal sheet layouts based on an internal cost calculation.

It’s a cross-platform step-and-repeat tool, designed to dramatically reduce time and simplify digital label production. It calculates a powerful CAD-based nesting and imposition for sheetfed carton and label production.

Integration with this layout optimizer is available in the CERM MIS during the estimation process and in the job management.

Positioning products for step and repeat

In estimation, multiple shapes are ganged and nested, based on the 1-up shape files, for one or multiple given paper sizes. In jobs, multiple products are ganged based on an existing die cut tool layout, but the software provides also solutions for new nested impositions.

In both applications, the CERM MIS operator gets instantly different imposition solutions, from where he can select his preferred layout.

By automating repetitive tasks, it saves time and reduces errors for the CERM MIS operator, as well during estimation as in the job processing. The output of the calculation is stored in the CERM MIS and available for production like platemaking.

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