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Integrating Esko ArtiosCAD

The CERM - Esko ArtiosCAD shape integration streamlines the packaging shape definition and creation process. The goal is to obtain CAD shape files which are the basis for the outline of the 1-up product artwork and the production definition in a later phase.

Syncing parametric designs

The parametric design templates – size independent structural designs – from Esko ArtiosCAD are regularly synced with the CERM MIS. It allows you to easily create new shapes based on these templates and instructions from the CERM MIS. Creating 3D shape designs The created 3D CAD shape files are synced as well. They are the basis for the packaging production description within your CERM MIS. The CAD output is automatically file referenced and ready to use for the creation of product artwork files.

Bidirectional data exchange

The CERM - Esko ArtiosCAD shape integration is based on bidirectional XJDF-XJMF data exchange.

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