Partner Intergrations

Invoicing - 3rd PARTY SOFTWARE


Automating accountancy exports to third-party software

Export customers, suppliers, sales invoices and purchase invoices from the CERM MIS directly to your accountancy software of choice.

Worldwide, the CERM MIS Software interfaces with over 50+ accounting systems (and counting). Automating the accountancy export creates a correspondence link between the CERM MIS and your external accounting package.

Accountancy export workflow

As a standard practice, CERM MIS exports files (xml, csv or txt) in a specific layout matching the required import format which can be read in your accountancy software. These exports can be automated via scheduled tasks or can be done manually at request. The interface capabilities depend on the import capabilities of the accountancy software.

Additionally, if the accountancy software provides the possibility, information from the accountancy software can be read to update your CERM MIS (e.g. the follow-up of unpaid invoices or invoice payments).

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