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Nyquist systems

About Nyquist Systems

We are proud to partner with Nyquist Systems, a leader in print inspection solutions that redefine industry standards. With a dynamic team of 25 employees, Nyquist Systems stands at the forefront as market leaders with their innovative TubeScan inspection system. By leveraging the latest technologies, focusing on agile development, and providing top-notch online customer support, they empower printing industry professionals to achieve fast and reliable quality control and cost optimization.

Nyquist Systems' core business revolves around developing and producing the revolutionary "TubeScan" inspection systems and QLink workflows for the web converting packaging and printing industry since 2011. What sets their development apart is its simplicity yet effectiveness: Unlike traditional, expensive line scan cameras, TubeScan features matrix cameras. This, coupled with innovative image processing, enables cost-effective, outstanding 100% print inspection. Nyquist Systems' 100% print inspection is distinguished by zero defects and perfect results, all offered at a highly attractive price.

Additionally, Nyquist Systems ensures worldwide sales and service through BST GmbH, along with their subsidiaries and partner companies. This seamless network guarantees comprehensive support and accessibility to their innovative solutions globally. With Nyquist Systems, elevate your print inspection processes to new heights of efficiency and excellence.