Automating state-of-the-art printing techniques and sophisticated embellishments at Auroflex Luxury Labels

Auroflex combines state-of-the-art  printing techniques with the most sophisticated embellishments that the world of graphics has to offer. Their wide experience and continuous search for innovative printing technologies has turned Auroflex into a world-leading manufacturer of high-quality self-adhesive labels of great beauty. At the foundation of its versatile and multirun production flow, the CERM MIS - Esko Automation Engine 3rd party  interface is driving productivity and connects all elements into one integrated framework.


Commissioning the Nilpeter MO-Line Fusion press

Auroflex’s latest addition to its impressive machinepark is the new Nilpeter Fusion press, a highly advanced offset printing press that combines the best of both traditional and digital printing techniques. Powered by IoT and automation - and therefore seamlessly integrated in the Auroflex production workflow thanks to the new CERM-Nilpeter partner integration - it adds hot foil finishing and embossing, digital embellishments and high-speed die cutting to  short, medium or long-run print jobs at the highest quality.


Driving productivity with the CERM/Esko Automation Engine interface

Processing more orders faster and better because of intensive workflow automation. Auroflex might well be the real-life and vivid example of how to drive productivity and gain a competitive advantage by trying to connect all different elements of their manufacturing processes and business workflow.

“Implementing CERM MIS and integrating it with the Esko Automation Engine was a really big change! But it made all the difference. It allowed us not only to streamline the prepress phase, but also to automate the ordering of all printing tools. We can take on more jobs at the same time without adding extra staff. It would be a very safe guess to say that we improved productivity with at least 20% – Vincenzo Porsio, Research Development Department.

Implementing the CERM MIS Software

In addition, Fabio Butera - CEO at Auroflex - recalls the history and motivations behind implementing the CERM MIS: "We evaluated many different ERP's before adopting CERM. What convinced us about CERM was the great ability to grasp and solve our production and order management needs and a support that from the early - purely commercial - stages immediately stood our for promptness, pecision and human warmth". 

The key to success at Auroflex is without a doubt the cooperation of all different partners that transcend the usual client-supplier relationship as stated by Claudia Fuschi, Marketing Manager at Auroflex.

“The big advantage we noticed after we started our automation project and to bring it all together in one integrated workflow, was the shift in all our mindsets. The great success lies within the way we all work together and the cooperation between all partners involved.

We believe CERM played a big part in this, and we really should pay tribute to Marco (Haanstra, MIS Implementation Specialist) and the complete CERM consultancy team for coordinating the connection with all different partner interfaces.



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